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Common name Epoxiconazole
Chemical name  
CAS No 135319-73-2
Molecular formula C17H13C1FN3O
Application Expoxiconazole is a kind of three azole fungicide, this product is for a series of cereal crops such as blight, powdery mildew, eye illness such as a variety of disease has good control effect, and can control sugar beet, peanuts, rapeseed, lawn, coffee, rice and fruit and other diseases. Not only has the very good protection, treatment, and wipe out the activity, but also in the absorption and better residual activity
Formulation type 70% WDG, 30% SC, 25% SC, 125 g/L SC


Liquid: 200Lt plastic or iron drum,

20L, 10L, 5L HDPE, FHDPE, Co-EX, PET drum

1Lt, 500mL, 200mL, 100mL, 50mL HDPE, FHDPE, Co-EX, PET bottle

Shrink film, measure cap

Solid:  25kg, 20kg, 10kg, 5kg fibre drum, PP bag, craft paper bag,

1kg, 500g, 200g, 100g, 50g, 20g Aluminum foil bag.

Carton: plastic wrapped carton


The package can be made as the customer’s requirement.

Storage Stability Stable for 2 years after receipt of order if stored under recommended conditions. After 2 years, the compound should be re-analyzed for chemical purity before use.


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